Extra characters in Thunderbird address book

  jack 12:18 25 Feb 2006

When ever I call up an address from the above to put to an E-mail the line always includes extra characters - quote marks between names or between name and @ or other places and a left chevron to begin and a right chevron to end.
These have to be carefully edited before sending,otherwise the dispatch fails.
This can be a little tedious if ,as often the case the post is a round robin with 10 or so names to deal with.
Careful examination of the items in the address book itself show no such anomalies.
What is the remedy please.

  jack 13:39 25 Feb 2006

A further examination of the address book show that these anomalies are indeed there, including now back slashes here & there

So I will have to edit it all addresses.

How did they get there in the first place is the puzzle.

  jack 14:32 27 Feb 2006


  Stuartli 16:10 27 Feb 2006

I get the chevrons on some e-mail addresses but it never affects the deliveries.

It's done so that you can use a person's name to enable the e-mail address to be inserted into the message panel.

If you have several e-mail addresses for someone they will all be listed and you select the one you wish to use.

  wallbash 17:26 27 Feb 2006

Also have had the 'extra' characters, have also gone back to the address to correct, some of these address have worked for months. ( until now !!!!) will follow this thread with interest.

As to answer..... not a clue

  ade.h 18:48 27 Feb 2006

Are you using the 1.0.7 release, or the new 1.5 release that has just come along recently in line with F'fox 1.5?

Just wondering whether it's a bug in the new version, because I still use Thunderbird 1.0.7 at the mo and have not experienced this. I checked my address book and collected addresses just now.

  jack 20:27 27 Feb 2006

Just checked - Version 1.0 still - I thought I'd upped it yonks ago - will do so now.

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