external usb2.0

  Nessie 20:03 24 Oct 2003

My brother has a computer with usb1.1. He wants to buy a usb 2.0 cdrw. He can not buy an internal model or a pci usb 2.0 as he has a guarantee and can't open the case. I know you can buy external usb 2.0's but how are they connected to the pc. Cheers.

  slysy 20:16 24 Oct 2003

Have a look at this page: click here


Sly SY

  Nessie 22:30 24 Oct 2003

thanks slysy

  Djohn 22:39 24 Oct 2003

Wow! clicked on that link and it sounded like a machine gun as AOL zapped 12 pop-ups :o(

  rev.bem 23:03 24 Oct 2003

Interesting ,clicked on the link and got no pop-ups

  slysy 08:37 25 Oct 2003

I click on the link and Pop Up Stopper fired like a machine gun, but hey, good reading though.

Sly SY

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:34 25 Oct 2003

External USB ports are expensive (50 squid) and as the player will be backwards compatible there is not much point. The benefits of USB 2 are really only noticed if video-editing. The USB port can only run as fast as the hardware and scanners/printers are not best known for legging it rapido. Tell him to stick the writer into a USB1 port and he will not notice any diference.


ps it may be better to connect it to one of the internal USB ports rather than a 4/5/6 port extension.

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