External USB2 Hard Drive not recognised

  joe95 23:28 20 Feb 2005

I am running XPHome with SP1 and have installed an External Drive. It is showing on Device Manager as a Mass Storage Device,not as a Hard Drive. My Computer is not showing anythingunder Hard Drives apart from HD(C)and under Devices with removable storage nothing is shown at all.

  Jeffers22 23:31 20 Feb 2005

Mass storage device in Device Manager is as it should be.

Should be shown in My Computer or Explorer window as Removable Disk - letter will be after any other drives.

  powerless 23:40 20 Feb 2005

click here

Ignore the applicable bit.

  freaky 09:26 21 Feb 2005

Well done Joe, I am watching the results!

  joe95 15:11 21 Feb 2005

Thanks interesting reading but I am not much wiser my present HD is partitioned into(C) 66.41 GB NTFS and (D)9.92 GB NTFS. Do I make a primary partition and small partition the same size as (D)?
When it comes tro creating partitions the max disk space available is 152625
min " " " 8
partition size availsble 152625 which is adjustable what size do you put?.

  powerless 19:49 21 Feb 2005

Partition sizes can be independant of any other drive as well as a partiton can be independant of another partition.

For the partition types, i would go primary, logical drive.

Make the sizes anything you want...You can always delete them if you are not happy.

When the sizes are correct you can then use them as you want for the data.

Up to you.

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