External USB Hard drive/Enclosure query

  Happy37 07:41 24 Jul 2007

Hi all

As per my previous post regarding which hard drive to purchase, I have now decided to purchase the 750GB Seagate Hard Disk Drive IDE ATA100 7200rpm 16MB cache Retail: -

click here

The question that I have is this: -

Will this drive fit okay into the External USB2 Enclosure, which I have also purchased without any size or 48bit LBA limitations?

The External Enclosure is the Techworx 3.5" Aluminium USB 2.0 & Ethernet HDD Enclosure: -

click here

Will this combination work?

I would like to this combo with my Pentium 4 computers (2 of them) - one is 3.2Ghz and the other is 2.4Ghz. I have got all of the latest drivers and Windows Updates applied.

Both PCs can use USB2 okay.

Please let me know - all responses gratefully received.


  PP321 07:51 24 Jul 2007

As far as i'm aware the LBA is all taken care of by the HD itself , what it "outputs" is standard so can be recognised by any standard ATA controller, just dont make the common mistake of IDE enclosure , and SATA HD haha

  Happy37 07:58 24 Jul 2007


Thanks for your reply - will get all of this kit together either later this week or next week.

Once I get it all together, will post back to let you know how it all goes...

Thanks again...anyone else want to share their thoughts?


  €dstowe 08:08 24 Jul 2007

Share my thoughts?

OK -

You will find it so useful you will soon be wanting another for your second computer.

  Happy37 08:16 24 Jul 2007


Ha ha...lol...another of this combo? - is that what you mean?

click here


click here

  €dstowe 08:24 24 Jul 2007

Yes, if you want but, make sure you're happy with the combination before you take the plunge and buy another.

I suggest auxiliary external storage like this ought to be on everyone's computer(s). So easy and convenient - and swappable if necessary.

  Happy37 08:30 24 Jul 2007


You have just given the exact reason as to why I am opting to go for this combo: -

It is easy and convenient to use, and as you so rightly say...it is swappable if needed.

I think that I will be using this combo between both my PCs as and when is necessary, though I don't know about getting another set of the same just yet!!!

I will need to try it all out to see how it all works in practice to see if it all warrants buying another set of the same, although I think that 750GB of space will not run out just yet or overnight!!!

And there is also the question of getting the money together for another set of the same (for me anyway!)

What do you think?

Once I get it all together, will post back to let you know how it all goes...

Thanks again...anyone else want to share their thoughts?


  Spark6 09:14 24 Jul 2007

When you have had the opportunity to run your new setup would you please report back on the noise level of the enclosure!

  Happy37 09:23 24 Jul 2007


No problem - will do!!! - BTW, are you trying to hint at something here?

  Happy37 19:52 16 Nov 2007

No problems with this setup at all - all going well!!!

  woodchip 20:00 16 Nov 2007

You will need some Disc Config software to set Partitions. like Acronis Disc Director 10 or some other

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