External USB drive won't burn audio CDs?

  altecsole 14:32 16 Mar 2005

I bought an external USB DVD writer to go with my laptop and I can't get it to burn audio CDs. It will burn data CDs and DVDs, but not audio. I'm using Nero 6 and the process just stops at the beginning with the disc spinning in the drive. The only way to stop it is to unplug the drive from the computer. I've tried copying an audio CD, saving the tracks to the hard drive and burning them from there, even using mp3 files to make an audio CD, but none will work. I can't even burn tracks from iTunes to CD, although I can back up the tracks as data. I've tried the drive on a desktop computer using the same software and it won't work there either. Anyone got any ideas? The caddy is badged Gericom, but the drive is a Samsung. I got it last week from Aldi. It's a good spec drive (dual layer DVD) and works well with data, but it's annoying that I can't make CDs for the car. Thanks for looking.

  baldyx 15:04 16 Mar 2005

Try formatting the CD or DVD before using them. Sometimes the content of the disk does that effect.
I assume that the Nero 6 has accepted the format type of the audio files you are trying to burn on to the disk.

  altecsole 16:11 16 Mar 2005

Isn't formating only for re-writable CDs and DVDs? I can't get it to write audo CDs on any type of media. I've tried copying an audio CD and using MP3 files to 'create' and audio CD - neither work. I've also upgraded the firmware on the drive, but still no good. Data writing is fine.

  Stuartli 16:16 16 Mar 2005

The audio disks may/will be copyrighted.

  altecsole 16:25 16 Mar 2005

The audio disks copy fine on my desktop using the same software. It's the fact that I can't burn my iTunes as audio that bothers me. I tried converting the iTunes files to MP3 and then creating an audio CD from them in Nero - still no good. I've tried the USB drive in two desktop machines and I can't get it to work in them either. I guess the drive is faulty.

  pj123 16:39 16 Mar 2005

You can't burn MP3 files as an Audio disk. They have to be burned as Data.

  TomJerry 16:52 16 Mar 2005

(1) when you try to produce CD use Nero, do not bnrn to CD directly, instead generate a image file. You just need to click select writer tab to change the burner to Image Writer on Nero

(2) Change writer back to real writer, select Nero to burn image.

Even those two steps do not work, you can isolate problem. If (1) does not work, it is the problem with the software or the use of software. If (2) does not work, it is the writer's problem.

  altecsole 16:53 16 Mar 2005

You can in Nero if you select Audio CD as the option first and then add your mp3s. It converts them into CD audio files and burns a CD that you can listen to in a normal hi-fi. Or at least it does if your burner works correctly.

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