EXternal USB drive FAT32

  [DELETED] 12:54 20 May 2006

I have just purchased a Wstern Digital USB External Drive. It id formatted to the FAT system. My PC operates with NTFS. The booklet that came with the drive states that it can be changed to NTFS, but doesn't give details.
Do I use the "FORMAT" program?

  bremner 13:04 20 May 2006

You do not HAVE to format it it NTFS it will work perfectly well as FAT.

Should you want to convert it to NTFS - with it connected and assuming it is the 'E' drive type

convert E: /fs:ntfs

at a command prompt (Start > Run and type cmd and click OK)

  Taff™ 13:09 20 May 2006

I have left my Freecom Classic as FAT32 because I sometimes need to back up Win98 and ME machines which don`t recognise NTFS. As stated it will work fine butifyou only use XP you can reformat it.

  [DELETED] 15:23 20 May 2006

Thanks,both. I do have XP only, and no reason at all to use Win98, so I will probably re-format it to NTFS.
I will leave the topic open in case anybody should have any further comments ....fors or agins!

  [DELETED] 15:25 20 May 2006

As bremner said you don't need to format it.

click here

  woodchip 15:31 20 May 2006

Depending on how big the Drive, I have a 200Gb partitiond into four three smaller ones as Fat32 so I can use them with my 98se Desktop the big partition about 125Gb is formatted as NTFS so that when I backup Video it creates on file if you do it on a Fat32 4Gb is the max size it then splits the Video file. But all four Partitions can be seen on my XP computers the NTFS cannot be seen on a Fat32 computer

  [DELETED] 15:42 20 May 2006

Thanks for the very useful info!

  Kase 14:52 02 Dec 2006

I have just purchased a WD 250GB My Book Premium 1C External Hard Drive and wish to change the FAT32 Format to NFTS as geedad on an XP only Computer and would ask having read this post can you not just right click on the letter of the drive in My Computer and Format the Drive or is this not an acceptable way to Format?.
I am connecting to the Computer via the supplied Firewire cable and not USB.


  [DELETED] 15:56 02 Dec 2006

If you have an empty disk then you can use format, but if you have any data on it that you wish to keep then you use the method above.

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