External speaker problem.

  fedex1969 18:03 11 Apr 2012

A few months ago my pc started playing up then gave up all together. After getting it fixed, new motherboard, all seemed fine when I switched it on. Then after plugging in printer, speakers, etc. I had the same problem. I had it fixed AGAIN, another £80, and the same thing happened. It turns out the guy reckons my external speakers were faulty. The pc worked perfectly when I bought the speakers, about 18 months previous. I am worried about plugging the speakers in again if it's going to cause another malfunction. I'm wary of using the speakers on another pc in case that one breaks. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

  john bunyan 18:18 11 Apr 2012

Maybe not the same but I had a similar problem some time ago when, I think, the speakers somehow broke the sound card socket. In he end I had to get a new sound card and speakers. You could check the sound output by using headphones and maybe borrow speakers. I would think new speakers are cheaper than another repair.

  KRONOS the First 18:22 11 Apr 2012

I am baffle as to how a set of speakers can cause problems to a PC which results in it needing repaired twice.You don't actually say what the problem is/was that needed a repair. I would imagine you are plugging in either 1 (green) cable or perhaps a pink one as well.

Any chance of a few more details,speaker make/model, what is happening or rather what happens when you plug the speakers in.

  fedex1969 18:32 11 Apr 2012

Thanks John. I've just plugged in my headphones and had sound through them. Do you think my speakers would blow the sound card again? Or is it worth buying new speakers? I'm loath to do this as the speakers were good quality and produced a nice sound.

  john bunyan 18:36 11 Apr 2012


Maybe as Chronus says, you could give details of what went wrong before. Can you shop man test the speakers? Do you have any other ways of trying them (e g old cassette recorder in headphone socket)

  fedex1969 18:39 11 Apr 2012

Chronus, Please forgive my naivety. It wasn't the motherboard blowing, it was the sound card. My pc was built by a friend a while ago and I've never had any problems. As stated, the speakers were introduced 18 months - 2 years ago. Again with no problems. The sound card issue came out of the blue. The speakers are from Creative and include a sub-woofer. They are not expensive by any means but the sound was really good.

  fedex1969 18:55 11 Apr 2012

I have just plugged speakers into an old stereo and all I got was a humming sound. Surely speakers can't be faulty after such a short time?

  john bunyan 18:58 11 Apr 2012

I do not know, except I had a similar problem. If they are faulty, can you return them under warranty? Could the guy who repaired the sound card test them?

  KRONOS the First 19:02 11 Apr 2012

Why not, these thing happen. But it might not be anything worse than a loose or broken cable/wire. I don't know if you are able to get inside the speakers and check.

  fedex1969 19:09 11 Apr 2012

Fair comments, guys. I think I'll just cut my losses and buy some new speakers. Maybe I could sell the speakers at a car boot and put the money towards my new ones!!

  john bunyan 19:14 11 Apr 2012

Do report back if the new ones work, If they do the problem will be identical to mine.Good luck.

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