External PCI Card slot...

  hoarp001 17:50 16 Jul 2006

Hi, I need to use a full size PCI card with my acer laptop. I have had a look for external PCI card caddys but not hat much luck.

Do they exist? If so where can i get them?


  Taff™ 18:00 16 Jul 2006

What exactly are you trying to attach to the laptop? A datacard?

  hoarp001 18:03 16 Jul 2006

Its a PCI card to work with a highspeed camera.

This is the camera:

click here

The camera captures up to 100,000frames a second and the data is stored on the card then uploaded to the PC.

I need to use this camera with my laptop so i need to somehow plug the card into it...

  Diemmess 18:30 16 Jul 2006

External PCI sounds like an oxymoron (if that's the word?)
Downloading the information sheet the picture shows the live pci edge connector, to a motherboard and goodness knows what else sticking out. Presume the result will be like a removable HD with faster data transfer than USB2

I would give them a bell tomorrow on their English phone number and see if they have an answer for your problem.

Do tell us what you learn!

  phono 18:30 16 Jul 2006

Is this what you want click here I would guess it isn't too cheap however.

  hoarp001 18:33 16 Jul 2006

Yeah, thats about right...

Christ, 1000 dollars?!

As it happens the camera company are a 3mins drive away so I can always go and see any arrangments they have managed to set up.

The camera is costing about 5-10k but i cant possibly lug a full size computer about to use with it...

  phono 18:38 16 Jul 2006

UK supplier at click here

  Smiler 19:02 16 Jul 2006

That's over £722 with vat :-0

  Smiler 19:04 16 Jul 2006

I bet the camera cost a fortune

  hoarp001 19:21 16 Jul 2006

about 10k....

  Smiler 18:17 17 Jul 2006

So as my camera cost £500 pounds it would be like me spending £36 on a card for it.
Sounds cheap then :-)

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