external optical drive

  big staff 19:26 21 Jun 2006

Hi all, I've been looking at the Median lap top offer at Woolies and noted that it has an external optical drive. Does anyone know the pros and cons of it being external?
Thanks for help,

  johndrew 19:41 21 Jun 2006

I don`t know if its USB or Firewire, either way its likely to be a bit slower than an internal drive but that isn`t likely to worry you a great deal.

Major problem I find with externals is the wires and where to put the units. Fortunately I have very few and don`t use them that often.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:44 21 Jun 2006

Can not see where it says this is an external drive.

have a read click here

  johndrew 19:47 21 Jun 2006

Looks as if I needed to read the ad first!! I agree with you Fruit Bat /\0/\.

  big staff 23:30 21 Jun 2006

Thanks for the link Fruit Bat but it's not that model. I spotted it in store in Hartlepool for £399 down from £799. It def. says external on the box goes on to say makes it easier to transport around if you don't need the drive at work etc. If it's just a bit slower I can cope with that. Cheers.

  woodchip 23:37 21 Jun 2006

It will make the drive lighter to carry around. And you do not need the drive all the time. Is it a Burner?

  De Marcus™ 23:44 21 Jun 2006

The Pro's: Less weight to hulk about, possibly longer battery life and it's quite possible (although I'm not certain without seeing it) that it could be transplanted onto any other (XP) machine if it's via a USB or IEEE1394 connection.

The Con's: "Ahh damn it, I left my writer in the house!",.......... , write times may take a few seconds longer (but that's all!), it's another thing to lug round if you know your going to need it, on the other hand, I often just save to hard drive and burn later if I'm out n about (it's not often I carry round blank disks for the just in case moments) and last but not least, this is all speculation as you don't specify if this is a ROM type drive or a writer! ;-)

  De Marcus™ 23:44 21 Jun 2006

rom = read only, no burning.

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