External modems

  [DELETED] 17:13 26 Dec 2003

I noticed today through System Monitor that my free memory was very low during the the time that I was, supposedly, on the Internet to the time when my connection actually woke up. Once the connection did so, the free memory went back up again.

Could this be due to the fact I have an internal modem? Would an external modem do better?

  howard60 17:20 26 Dec 2003

I doubt it - surely you would expect some memory to be in use while the modem connects to the internet - the real thing to consider is did it connect ok and not interfere with the running of the pc or windows - if so all is well and do not worry.

  [DELETED] 17:31 26 Dec 2003

The fact is, the two little flashing computers appear but no activity occurs: no pages load and so on. Sometimes it will stay like this and disconnect: sometimes it will wake up and start responding. It is during this period of apparent connection but inactivity that the memory is very low.

Also, this might be related, but the connection frequently is not made at all on the first couple of goes: I ofen get "Error 678: There is no answer" when I first try to connect and then, on the next time, "The dial-up networking server is not responding". After that, it sometimes connects and goes into the process I described above (inactivity).

I have no problem with dialing on the same connection on the same line on the computer downstairs. Both run the same operating system and are of fairly similar specifications.

  howard60 21:46 26 Dec 2003

check your phone connection - try plugging a phone in by your pc - it sounds like a poor phone connection.

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