External Maxtor HD Problem

  Adz1310 16:33 06 Apr 2005

Who can help me??
Bought An Maxtor HD. At the moment it is bout half full. Yday went to play some music off it, wouldnt work. Wen you plug it in, the drive is found, and in the remove hardware button it is there, but there is no way of accessing the device through my computer, etc.
Any suggestions to rectify this?

  stlucia 16:46 06 Apr 2005

Which OS? Is there power to the Maxtor (blue light on)?

  freaky 19:06 06 Apr 2005

The Maxtor power supply and USB connection must be connected otherwise the drive will not show in
My Computer. As you state it is not showing there, then check the Power supply is getting to the drive. Also check the USB connection if you are using that method.

  jack 09:25 07 Apr 2005

you say thae drive has files, therefore presumably
it has worked?

Is the drive running?

How is the drive powered?
With its own poer supply or relying on the USB/computer power supply?

If it is the latter unplug all USB devices you are not using, so that the drive runs on its own.
It is very likely that many USB devices are pulling too much power from the computer.

  freaky 11:42 07 Apr 2005

Regarding your questions on the Maxtor External HD, it is probably a Maxtor One-Touch. This has it's own power supply via a mains transformer, there is an on/off switch on the rear of the case. There is also a blue light on the front which glows to denote when it is powered up.

  Adz1310 12:00 07 Apr 2005

yes the drive has worked
no error messages,
the unit is powered up as the light is on
it is a maxtor one touch,
external power supply
when you switch it off behind a noise is made to say the hardware has been switched off, so Win xp is recognising that the drive is there.
But there seems to be no way of accessing it. As it does not appear in my compouter.
any suggestion?

  Monument 13:33 07 Apr 2005

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