External H/drive and Ghost

  shizzy 21:42 03 Jan 2005

Got new external Iomega hard drives for a Pentium 4 2.8 running XP SP2 and an AMD running the same. Free copy of Norton Ghost 2003 included but although the cloning was ok on my AMD the Pentium messed up. We didn't unplug the steering wheel from the USB 2.0 on the Pentium nor the scanner on the AMD USB 1.1 The AMD took around 6 hours but the Pentium took even longer and froze up before finishing with an error. What was annoying was that after restarting it said the time of the error was only about 5mins into the copy and yet it had carried on for nearly 7 hours with the percentage bar slowly moving across the top. Seeing as the system had slowed to a crawl he formatted and reinstalled XP. What is the simplest way of wiping the new external drive clean please. Is this common with ghost as I see there is another thread in Consumerwatch.

  megat193 21:25 04 Jan 2005

I had endless problems with Ghost 2003 and USB, and often found that the image integrity check at the very end failed - as you say hours after the start. Then a friend got Ghost 9.0 which (for XP) does not use PC DOS, it uses 'Microsoft .Net' (for other OS you have to install the Ghost 2003 disk). Officially this allows you to keep working whilst the image files are being created, but being a sceptic, I just let it get on with it and leave well alone. I have not yet had a failure, and do a 'ghost' at least once a week. (I have purchased my own software, by the way!)

Re-formatting the external drive probably is the best way to make a clean sweep and return it to factory condition. I'm not sure why the system had slowed to a crawl - that would need to be analysed at the time to see whether drives had filled up, temp folders, recycle bin etc.

  shizzy 21:41 04 Jan 2005

Thanks for your answer. I have just been reading on the Iomega site and found that it would be best to format. The computer that Ghost failed on had been cleaned with Ccleaner. defragged etc. before Ghosting. Don't think we will be to keen to use it again. Either that or the Iomega software has slowed the booting up of this PC as well.

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