External HDD query

  willo500 01:34 20 Jan 2005


I have a Dell Dimension desktop which is a few years old now. I have a 40 and a 60GB internal HDDs and seem to remember this was the maximum storage capatcity my motherboard could support without the addition of a controller card. My question is whether this limit applies to extenal drives because U have a lot of video and photo files which have filled up my second drive and I would really like to use an external 160Gb drive connected by firewire or USB2.

All advice gratefully received,


  Gandalph 01:44 20 Jan 2005

As far as my memory serves, No it does not apply to external drives. The computer accepts the external drive as a piece of peripheral equipment and not as a drive. I am sure it will be just a case of connecting the drive and transferring the files from your internal HDD then doing a clean up.

  georgemac 08:41 20 Jan 2005

this was a bios limitation only and should not apply to usb devices

click here

click here

alternatively, if you want ot install a new large internal hard drive, the hard drive manufacturers now supply a software package that overcomes the bios hard drive size limit, and makes install & data transfer simple click here

  willo500 10:41 20 Jan 2005

Thanks for the advice. I will probably go for a maxtor or Western Digital external of 160Gb then. ANy thoughts on whether to use Firewire connection or USB2? I already have a firewire card installed but I also have one last spare pci slot in which I could install a USB2 card.

  georgemac 11:09 20 Jan 2005

if you already have firewire just go for firewire - from what I've read performance is very similar - however the installation of a usb2 card will give you usb2 for other devices if reqd

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:31 20 Jan 2005

You will notice no difference between firewire and USB2...go for what is easiest/cheapest.


  willo500 23:13 20 Jan 2005

Thanks folks. I appreciate your help


  wee eddie 00:46 21 Jan 2005

It will give you more options in the future

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