External HDD Power Supply

  Saznat 15:24 28 Apr 2006

I have an external HDD that works fine, Unfortunately, without going into the details, my power supply for it has blown.

it is a small mains powered box 240v in and outpurs both 12v and 5v to the hard disk enclosure via a 6 pin plug

Does anybody know where I can purchase a replacement power supply without having to buy a complete new enclosure kit?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:52 28 Apr 2006

Make and model?

some here click here

  Saznat 17:40 28 Apr 2006

Thanks for the reply. I'm in the UK, so it would ideally need to be a supplier who will ship abroad.

The label on my knackered power supply says :

DGD Power Supply (DGD, is white text in a black oval)
Model 34W-12-5
Input 100-240V AC 50/60hz, 0.5A
Output 12V 2A
5V 2A

it also shows the pin outs on the cable 2 are 12V, 2 are 5V and the other 2 are GND.

Apart from a load of FCCE, CCC, UL symbols, that's all I have.

Thanks FruitBat for for answering so quickly the first time

  woodchip 17:57 28 Apr 2006

I got this, But it as to be translated. Also on a Play Station PS2 Page it may use the same adapter click here

  Saznat 18:52 28 Apr 2006

Thanks Woodchip. That link gives me a forum with 17 pages of entries and I've gone through all 17 and can't see what you are pointing me at. Could you give me the title of the particular "chat" or the page it falls on.

  ICF 19:18 28 Apr 2006

Did you buy the hardrive and power adapter together as a package?If so what brand is it?

  Saznat 19:27 28 Apr 2006

Yes. I'm not sure of the make. It was an Ebay purchadse. The enclosure is aluminium with "Travel Star" written on it. There are still loads of these on Ebay (UK) at the moment, but apart from DMG on the power supply and "Travel Star" on the disk casing, there are no other identifying marks.

  ICF 19:32 28 Apr 2006

DMG you said before it was DGD??

  ICF 19:34 28 Apr 2006

Gives us a link to the ones on Ebay

  woodchip 20:04 28 Apr 2006

I just posted the Model you gave in google and it brought that page up

  Saznat 23:49 28 Apr 2006

Sorry. Miskeyed. It is DGD.

This is a link to an identical enclosure but like nearly all the entries on Ebay for this particular enclosure, you don't get a very good look at the power supply itself to identify a manufacturer.

click here

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