external HDD installs but not seen on My Computer

  wibble1234 14:51 03 Jan 2010

Have got an Iomega 320gb ext HDD that I have used for months in conjunction with Aspire 5920 (Vista Home Premium).

I lent the Iomega to a neighbour who installed it without any probs but had a 'delayed write' error appear when looking at the files on the HDD. He uses XP and tried to uninstall and reinstall.

He like me, is able to successfully re-instal the necessary driver without any problem but the HDD is not being detected by 'My Computer'.

I can see the HDD in Device Manager and in BIOS but not on windows explorer.

I have tried changing the USB cable and port being used and even tried on other PC but no joy.

Is there any way to rectify this problem or at least recover the files contained in the external HDD?

Any help appreciated

  bremner 15:30 03 Jan 2010

Go to Disk Management - Right Click My Computer > Manage > Disk Management

How does this report the External Drive?

  EARLR 15:39 03 Jan 2010

The "master Boot record" might have been damaged by the "Delayed Write" failure.

Google it there is a lot of chatter about it.

good luck

  rsturbo 15:46 03 Jan 2010

take the hdd out of its case and place into your computer - should be able to see it now. delay write seems t obe a problem with usb?

  wibble1234 18:10 03 Jan 2010

Re Bremner,

The external portable HDD appears as DISK 1, my Laptop hard drive as DISK0.

It shows up as:

ONLINE and says it is 298.09gb unallocated.

This only appears in the bottom half of the screen. In the top half it is picking up the partioned drives on the laptop itself.


The problem was first encountered on someone else's laptop, running XP. Would this still cause a problem with my MBR?

  woodchip 18:15 03 Jan 2010

I am thinking he as removed the drive from USB and not shut it down correctly using windows before pulling the plug, thus corrupting the MBR of the drive

  jamesd1981 18:23 03 Jan 2010

dont know if this would work on an external drive but could be worth trying i had a similar problem a virus has corrupted my mbr but also it had somehow stopped me booting from my dvd drive i got round it by copying my windows install disc to a usb flash drive and setting to boot from that i didnt even have to reinstall windows i just let it get so far and that was enough to replace the mbr then the laptop was fine.

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