External HDD Case

  Ade_1 18:18 21 Jan 2006

Just wondered where abouts i shuold buy a case from to keep a HDD in as an external one. How much should i be paying for one. And im looking at a 3.5" HDD.

  Ade_1 18:21 21 Jan 2006

one more thing, how i actually go about fitting it? or is it all pretty simple?

  Ade_1 18:24 21 Jan 2006

does your HDD have to be compatible or aslong as its the same type eg SATA it doesnt matter?

  Ade_1 18:29 21 Jan 2006

so say if i bought a SATA HD and put it in a case the only thing that would have to be compatible would be the SATA being able to go in the case and the 3.5" etc?

  Zak 18:31 21 Jan 2006

click here

I purchase one from Starmount last August. 5.25"/3.5" @ £22.32 inc VAT. They did not have one in stock and sent me the higher spec with additional firewire for the same price. Normally £29.96. Carriage is £7.10 + VAT

I chose to also be able to use it for 5.25" if I wanted to have an external CD or DVD drive.

It comes with good instructions and fitting the drive is a sinch.

  Zak 18:43 21 Jan 2006

If you wish to have a SATA drive then my suggestion is out as also the majority of such cases on offer. For SATA case you will need to spend more £43.42 - PaulB2005 link. The SATA ones are lower down the page.

To be quite honest I would not go for the SATA unless you already have one spare. Perhaps you have an old HDD lying around - you could use that. Otyherwice by and IDE ATA 133 HD to go with your new case.

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