External HDD For Backup! Any Good?

  [DELETED] 22:42 31 Jul 2003

Hiya everyone,

just looking for help here on a certain matter. Im thinking of purchasing an external HDD (Western Digital USB 2 80GB), and so was wondering if it is possible and how to, keep a fresh install of windows on it incase the actual computer goes belly up and then to boot from USB and then just copy the whole thing over after formatting the corrupt drive! Is this possible and if so how would i do it?

Thank you so much for help


  [DELETED] 22:49 31 Jul 2003

there is a great array of backup software on the market, the one i recommend is norton ghost but others will differ. if you have xp it has backup software built in and a useful wizard to guide you through. definitely a good idea so do it straight away and keep your backups up to date. H

  [DELETED] 23:36 31 Jul 2003

Alternatively, how about a drive in a removeable tray - this will run at full IDE speeds - faster backups, and possibly less costly too.

  [DELETED] 23:43 31 Jul 2003

click here best back up that I have found.....and free.


  [DELETED] 03:06 01 Aug 2003

Please note that you cannot boot from any USB device, despite anything you may hear to the contrary.

  [DELETED] 08:38 01 Aug 2003

Mango Grummit is right, but with Norton Ghost You can create a boot disk, floppy or CD, which includes USB drivers so that you can restore your disk image from a USB device.

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