External HDD

  Mr White 20:08 18 Apr 2005

I am looking to buy an 2.5" external HDD but not sure what to go for.

I have been watching on ebay and noticed you can buy empty boxes and wondered if any 2.5" disc can be fitted into these cases.


  Technotiger 20:15 18 Apr 2005

Hi, yes you can get an adapter to fit a 2.5 inch diskdrive into a 5'5 inch bay. Have a look at Maplins.

  jack 20:17 18 Apr 2005

There are2.5 inch boxes too. some self powered
some USB powered. Very neat

take look at
click here

for starters

  Mr White 20:29 18 Apr 2005

I would prefer a 2.5" case for the disk powered from the USB.

What would be the best interface. IDE or ATA??

  Mr White 20:35 18 Apr 2005

ha ha just found out they are the same interface..

wish i had done my google search before writing question...

such is life....

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