External HD Win 7to Win8

  highside 09:55 06 Apr 2013

Help please, I have two external HDs, an Icy Box & an Omega presently on a Win7 laptop. Icy box is connected to esata and the Omega is to USB2.

New PC (all in one) does not have esata socket, it has USB2 and USB3. The Icy Box also has a USB output connector so should I connect it the the USB2 or is it possible/benefitial to use a USB3 cable and go to USB3 on the new PC or can it only go USB2 to USB2? Sorry if its a stupid question.

Win 8 64 bit 8GB RAM 3.4Mhz internal HD sata

  lotvic 11:03 06 Apr 2013

What you need to do is find out the specs of the Icy Box which you can easily do, it will be in the documentation or visit the manufacturers website for the the info. Here is a review of one of the Icy Box models

  Chronos the 2nd 11:20 06 Apr 2013

Yes it is fine to use the USB to connect to your PC. Looking in your manual will tell you whether it is USB 3 or not. If not it can still be plugged in to a USB 3 socket as it is backward compatible.

  highside 07:39 08 Apr 2013

Thanks for replies

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