External HD problems...

  madzad 15:43 31 Oct 2004

Hi (again) lol

I have a problem relating to my external HD. When using XP home and I have finished using my 200 gig external (plugs in via USB) HD, its getting to the point when I come to use the "safely remove software" icon, in the bottom right tray, it pops up and I select the drive to stop, a message pops up telling me this device is still in use, try to turn of later.

I have been through the processes and nothing appears to be using it.. I have even logged off and its still being used by something.. Help me please, whilst I still have hair to pull out!!! lol

Steve UK

  gingepaul 15:58 31 Oct 2004

is windows using it for virtual memory?
right click
my computer/properties/advanced/performance-settings/advanced.

In there youll see a list of your drives and small checkboxes indicating whether or not its being used for virtual memory, if it is just change it to no page file and your sorted.

  madzad 16:18 31 Oct 2004

Thanks Gingepaul

I have followed your instructions, under advanced: Processor schelduling, programs is selected, background isnt.

Memory usage: programs is ticked, system cashe isnt.

Virtual memory: Total paging file for all drives 380megs.

By clicking virtual memory/change: C drive reads 384-768/ custom size option selected.
for the external/periferal HD which is the F drive: No paging file is selected.

Which I think is what you advised me to do... so, Im still stumped.

Thanks for the advice tho..

Steve UK

  Waldoc85 16:46 31 Oct 2004

I have a similar problem with my "maxtor" external drive ie: it very rarely closes down via the system icon.

The manual advises "Your system may not allow you to disconnect the drive, in this case, you may need to close all open applications and documents or shut down your system completely to disconnect the drive safely"

Therefore I wait until I am closing down at the end of the day.

  woodchip 17:22 31 Oct 2004

And that's what I do, Reboot and switch the drive off while it's in dos position.

  madzad 21:43 31 Oct 2004

Thanks guys.. I have been told that already by the guy who built the external HD for me, but only recently has this problem arose, when usig the same HD on my laptop its easy to remove using XP home, why not on the desk top?

Mine is also a Maxtor HD, therefore is this something that Maxtor are infamous for? If anyone can shed some light, Id be eternally grateful...

Steve UK.

  woodchip 21:46 31 Oct 2004

My drive's a Seagate Barracuda so it not the Drive it's windows problem as with my comp. Not noticed if it’s the same with the Laptop I shall have to check.

  madzad 10:30 01 Nov 2004

Thanks woodchip..
let me know what happens when using the HD on your laptop.. Im currious, I shall be posting on the Microsoft forum some time this week.. as this problem is doing my head in, as there is no real reason why this happens. Windows comspiracy theory 4302a: are they now spying on my external drive? lol...

Make one wonder tho.

Have a great day

Steve UK

  madzad 22:55 22 Feb 2005

Righty. I have found a cure for this problem, I run a cleaner on my system as there is either some net process using it or there is another program using the external HD.

I clean up and sometimes re boot to be sure and it works 100 percent!

Problem solved

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