External HD not showing in My Computer

  daisy2bell 13:12 04 Mar 2012

Hi. Spilt wine over my laptop. Laptop broken. I tried to hook up the broken laptop's HD (Seagate SATA 320 GB) to my other laptop, and it installs OK, and says that the hardware is ready to use. But when I look in "my computer" it is not showing up.It does however show up in Device manager in the USB section as "USB Mass storage device" And right clicking says it is functioning correctly. I've tried it on 2 laptops and a desktop with no success. I urgently need files from it.

Any help gratefully accepted please. Thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:28 04 Mar 2012

Does it show in disk management?

You may need to assign a drive letter there.

  daisy2bell 13:34 04 Mar 2012

Thanks for the reply Fruit Bat. No it doesn't show up there.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:53 04 Mar 2012

Assume your using a USB caddy to put the drive in?

Remove all USB devices

Download and run USB device View

Uninstall ALL devices that are shown as not connected.

Reboot the machine.

Plug in your USB device and windows should then find new hardware and reinstall the drivers for the device.

  daisy2bell 14:39 04 Mar 2012

Thanks. Tried that, and still no luck

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:58 04 Mar 2012

Have a look in device manager under disk drives does it show there?

  Nontek 16:50 04 Mar 2012

Try changing the Jumper Setting on the hard drive.

  daisy2bell 19:24 04 Mar 2012

Thanks for all the reply's.


After spending a whole day searching online for a solution, I put a fan on full speed in front of the laptop for about 5 hours.

Then put the battery and HD in and...........................IT BOOTED UP. Copied everything to external HD. At least I have my important items saved if all goes wrong again. Many thanks for all your help. Much appreciated.

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