External HD gone from explorer with access denied

  DJFMiddleton 19:36 19 Mar 2018

My Western Digital external hard drive has just stopped showing up in Windows Explorer. I can see it under Disk Management. I also have irreplaceable data on the drive. I'm greeted by this message when first loading into Disk Management.

  DJFMiddleton 19:43 19 Mar 2018

I'm not sure why my images aren't showing but right click and open in new tab works also im talking about Disk 4 on the last image.

  wiganken2 18:18 21 Mar 2018

I think your images were too high resolution and so cannot be displayed. Try uploading again but at a small resolution so that the image sizes are only 100KB or so each. Right clicking on them causes a sub menu to appear but it does not give me the option to "open in a new tab" either. Incidentally you mention "Disk 4" but there are only three broken images not 4.

  DJFMiddleton 19:29 21 Mar 2018

Hope this works. Disk 4 is the problem drive.

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