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External HD files been deleted

  martd7 12:32 12 Oct 2019

I get up this morning to find everything on my external drive has disappeared apart from my Windows back ups,all the files were there last night but today not

I've installed the Recuva program so I'm awaiting the results

How could this have happened?

  x13 13:15 12 Oct 2019

Once you've run Recuva then download Crystal Disk info from Major Geeks, click here , run it then select the disk tab. Select the USB drive to check its health. Try rebooting the laptop and connect the drive again to a different USB port.

  martd7 13:23 12 Oct 2019

Thanks I wasn't clear,it's a 6month old new PC with an external 2tb drive which I mostly use for Windows back ups,there were other files on which have disappeared over night

  x13 13:32 12 Oct 2019

martd7 ok. Don't use that link above as it looks iffy to me. Use this one instead.

Worth running even on a 6 month old drive. Once you start getting unusual happenings on a drive, regardless of age, the first thing is to check it. Then try another port and run security scans. The usual.

  Forum Editor 15:52 12 Oct 2019

Both links go to the same page.

  x13 16:01 12 Oct 2019

Thanks FE for checking but the first link shows as unsecured for me and the page does not load correctly if scrolled down.

  martd7 19:19 12 Oct 2019


Crystal disk reports good,healthy,temp of drive is 30degrees

Malwarebytes premium found nothing,neither did Windows security

I have moved the external drive to another USB but again it shows nothing apart from the system back ups

Recuva found over 2000 files,half of which were not recoverable and the other half were from months ago when i deleted a load of stuff,it found none of the recent files that i wanted back,i have run it twice now in Deep scan mode

I should have put the files i wanted to keep on a USB memory stick and left the drive purely for System back ups

  x13 19:28 12 Oct 2019

Sorry to hear you've lost your files. If you always use the 'safely remove' icon when disconnecting the drive then I don't know what's happened - seeing you still have your Windows backups on it.

  martd7 22:56 12 Oct 2019

I know it's unusual,in Recuva the majority of the unrecoverable files were noted as " written over by system back up" That means the files were deleted before I did the back up

  wee eddie 23:21 12 Oct 2019

How much, what proportion, of the Drive is the back-up using?

  martd7 11:25 13 Oct 2019

Wee Eddie

Only 20%

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