External HD 'Corrupt directory or file'

  Tiggy2 19:20 05 Mar 2006

I have a Maxtor One Touch external HD.
I was using a piece of video editing software to edit a file located on the external HD, when the software crashed. The PC had to be rebooted.

Thereafter, the drive letter for the Maxtor was different. If I try to access the drive, I get a message telling me that the "directory or file is corrupt". I guess the fact that the editing software had an 'open' connection with the HD had corrupted something.

I can't re-assign the previous drive letter, because it's no longer available to select.

There is hours and hours of work on this drive, and I'm desparate not to lose it. I have contacted Maxtor with my problem (I'm waiting for a reply), and trawled through their knowledge base.

Can anyone suggest anything else? Please? Please?

  Big Elf 20:24 05 Mar 2006

You don't mention your OS.

If it's XP can you right click on the drive in Windows Explorer and select Properties, Tools, Error -checking?


Reload the file from either the original source or backup?

  Big Elf 19:32 06 Mar 2006

Anyone else with suggestions?

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