External HD can it be used as an Internal?

  Autoschediastic 21:22 07 Nov 2011

Hi guys i am after a internal Hard Drive for my Desktop and i cant seem to find a 1.5TB or a 1TB for less than £75? a few weeks ago i saw a 1.5TB for £55 which was a new unused drive but i didnt need one then such a shame, Anyway ive seen a 1.5TB for just £63 & i wondered IF i bought it would i be able strip it and use the drive inside my desktop?


Item Here

  robin_x 21:32 07 Nov 2011

The floods in Thailand have put prices through the roof.

If you see a bargain grab it.

Externals are easy enough to open up (plenty of youtube vids).

Just buy an extra SATA data and an extra SATA power cable (eg see amazon internal hdds and look at what customers 'also bought')

Note: even though HDDs have 2 or 3 yr warranty, you will invalidate by removing)

If you don't have SATA ports in Desktop you may need a SATA-IDE adapter (may come with cables)

  Zak 21:34 07 Nov 2011

Yeah no problem as long as it is the correct type for your system.

  Autoschediastic 22:47 07 Nov 2011

Thanks guys! any idea where there is any Hd deals?

  robin_x 23:18 07 Nov 2011
  robin_x 23:19 07 Nov 2011

lol, that was your link. I am going in circles.

  Autoschediastic 23:22 07 Nov 2011

Rob lool cheers anyway! :-)

  Autoschediastic 23:27 07 Nov 2011

Here is a bargain IF your not bothered about its make!


  robin_x 23:32 07 Nov 2011

Del 1-2 months AND Gift Wrap Available. Perfect.

  Autoschediastic 16:54 08 Nov 2011

Cheers Rob! TBH ive given up on trying to get a 1TB for less than £80? i'l wait a month or two until they drop in price when the factories start back up..god damn them companies charging Excessive prices for them! i say one an hour ago for £250..??

  Toneman 17:49 08 Nov 2011

Pardon me for asking, but if your PC is a desktop what is the point of wanting to put it in the tower rather than just connecting as an external?

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