External hd are these the type i need?

  So Afraid 17:01 18 Feb 2010

I have a samsung 250gb sata2 hard drive in my desktop pc,looking for external drive for backup,clone, etc

Would any of these fit the bill,also do they all need power adapters or just use the usb port?

click here

  interzone55 17:09 18 Feb 2010

Which drive you choose depends on how much storage you think you'll need, get the biggest you can afford.

Regarding power, you'll find that only the portable 2.5" drives are USB powered, and often they have a double USB connector, one for data & one for power, as a single connector cannot provide sufficient power to start the drive spinning...

  ^wave^ 17:15 18 Feb 2010

i would be looking at min 500gig and to be honest 1 tb would be better lets put them as multiple disk then you can go for a raid configuration so better protected

  So Afraid 17:27 18 Feb 2010


So the ones in the link are ok as i have seen it mention IDE drives and SATA drives,or are both types compatable.

  MAJ 18:12 18 Feb 2010

"i have seen it mention IDE drives and SATA drives,or are both types compatable."

IDE, EIDE, ATA and PATA (Parallel ATA) are all names for the same interface. SATA (Serial ATA) has a different connection and must attach to a SATA port on the motherboard as opposed to an IDE port on the motherboard. SATA is the newer, faster interface. They aren't compatible in that you can't connect a SATA drive to an IDE port (and vice-versa) without an adapter. They are compatible in the fact that anything on a SATA drive can be transferred to an IDE drive (and vice-versa).

  EARLR 18:51 18 Feb 2010

Buy the largest ext drive you can afford. you can never have to much.
I have 6 TB.

  So Afraid 19:30 18 Feb 2010

But there is no problem with the ext drive as they use the usb ports so ide or sata makes no diffrence?

  interzone55 21:21 18 Feb 2010

Yes, essentially when connecting by USB the type of drive in the enclosure is largely irrelevant.

SATA can potentially provide a faster connection than IDE, but both interfaces are faster than USB...

  So Afraid 23:06 18 Feb 2010

Ok thanks for the help i will decide which one to buy.

  Input Overload 23:38 18 Feb 2010

I bought a WD My Passport last week, 500 gig, no power supply needed and as fast if not a bit faster that the large external drives I have that requires a PSU the size of Westminster Abbey. And it fits in your pocket, amazing kit. I did buy a hard case off Ebay that also houses the shortish USB lead. I'm well impressed. And you can get it in different colors!!!

  Input Overload 23:45 18 Feb 2010

EARLR, Where did you get a 6 TB drive from? I have that much space but in several drives as I don't like having all my eggs as it were in one basket.

I keep one drive at an another location in case I'm robbed or the house burns down. And my bookmarks are perhaps the most precious thing I have collected over many years next to my pics.

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