External harddrive problem...please help

  julia fraser 09:33 04 Aug 2011

Hi can anyone help me. I have an external hard drive which is manufactured by Seagate for OEM distribution. It sounds like it is trying to start up, makes an intermittent buzzing sound, light comes on but does not show up on my PC so not able to access all my files. Not sure if it has been dropped or if it is a software problem..............am not very technical so please keep replies free from jargon!! thanks...Jules

  gengiscant 10:11 04 Aug 2011

Can you try it on another PC? You do not say what model your external drive is. If it is a small portable like this :Seagatethen you will have problems removing the hard-drive. If the hard-drive has been dropped it might be just the caddy is damaged.If you can remove the hard-drive you could either buy a new caddy or connect it to your PC using a simple connector.Connect Please post model of Seagate drive.

  wee eddie 10:37 04 Aug 2011

Another thought has occurred to me.

Is the Hard Drive, Mains Powered, or powered through the USB Cable?

If the second.

How old is your PC? ~ Because USB1 does not deliver as much power as USB2, even though both are otherwise compatible

Or is it possibly a Laptop? ~ because Laptops, frequently, don't give sufficient power through a single USB Socket to power an External Drive.

  scotty 10:41 04 Aug 2011

Perhaps Windows has not assigned a drive letter to the drive. Go to Start-Run and enter diskmgmt.msc . This will run the disc management tool. Does the drive show up here? Does it have a drive letter assigned?

  johndrew 11:22 04 Aug 2011

I'm guessing this is a Seagate Freeagent drive.

Are you using the same USB socket on the PC as you always do?

Have you tried a different USB socket?

Some external HDDs seem to have an aversion to changing USB connections for some reason.

If it has been dropped it could easily be dead; hopefully it hasn't and the following checks may help.

The base is a separate unit from the drive and is a push fit. With the unit completely detached from mains and PC try pulling the base off of the drive. Plug in the mains and USB cables then connect to the PC and power this up. Does the buzzing still exist? If it does then the adapter is probably faulty. If not, power off the adapter and refit the drive block. Power on again and see if this helps and what noises exist.

Some other points. Use only the USB cable and power supply and cables that came with the drive. Connect directly to the PC not via a hub.

Let us know what you find.

  julia fraser 12:09 04 Aug 2011

Hey guys thanks for quick reply. I have used it on a pc, a laptop and now a mac. It used to work fine but for some reason it stopped. Doesnt seem to be powering up properly like it did before. Used the make sound like a fan or like when you have a cd in your pc. Its a Medion HD 2 GO. 500gb

Its powered from the mains and connected to the pc thru a usb connection.

I have removed it from the sleeve and powered it up again but still the same problem.??

  gengiscant 13:14 04 Aug 2011

Not sure what you mean by "have removed it from the sleeve and powered it up again but still the same problem" could you explain a little more?

  johndrew 16:51 04 Aug 2011

If I understand you correctly, this Seagate drive was used on a PC (Medion HD 2 GO 500gb?) and you now use it with a Mac. Is that correct?

If used with the PC does it still work correctly? Or is it not functioning on both machines?

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