External Harddrive

  chris05 10:01 17 Mar 2005

Hi all, got a problem thats gone way above my head (not hard), I have purchased a Maxtor Diamond 10 300Gb whic I am using as an external drive or should I say trying to use as a external drive, for some reason I keep geting unknow device in device manager and then evry now and again after a few unplugs and on/offs it will pick the drive up assighn it a drive letter and all is peachey untill I power off the harddrive. Even when I restart the pc it finnds the drive when rebooting but as soon as I dismount the drive turn it off it will not pick it up again just says unknow device. This has neally drove me bald so all help welcome and please hurry if I find the drive to be faulty I can get it replaced. Oh yeah the drive is formated i managed to do that much.

SYS Spec
P4 2,4
768 Pc 333 Ram
Albatron PX 865PE lite mother board
Radeon 9800Pro graphics Card
120gb / 80Gb Maxtor Internal Drives
Liteon dvd burner/ and a rewriter
6x usb 2.0 Ports

thanks in advance.Chris

  byfordr 10:20 17 Mar 2005

Does your caddy definately support a drive that big?

  chris05 10:23 17 Mar 2005

How would I find this out?

  ventanas 10:27 17 Mar 2005

Try their web site for specifications. Like this one (up to 300Gb) click here

  woodt 10:30 17 Mar 2005

Which model Hard Drive is it? GB300S0 or GB300R0, and what caddy is it in?

  chris05 10:36 17 Mar 2005

Well I think I see what you meen your talking about the case its self I have looked online for a evertech which is the name of my case but cant find anything. Would that be the probably because as I said before I had it working a couple of times now and it ran okay it just seems to be a recognition problem. thanks

  chris05 10:42 17 Mar 2005

"Which model Hard Drive is it? GB300S0 or GB300R0, and what caddy is it in?"

Woodt the only number I can find on the drive that starts with gb is GB06A But I will check Maxtors site.

  woodt 10:49 17 Mar 2005

Have you downloaded and installed the latest drivers for your drive are you sure windows is using them?

  chris05 10:52 17 Mar 2005

Im not sure of anything lol all I know is some times it says unknown device sometimes it finds the drive and sees it as a mass storge device. Where do I get the drivers for the drive as far as I knew xp already has drivers for it if not why did it work a couple of times? but I will giv eit ago have you found drivers for my drive?

  woodt 11:27 17 Mar 2005

Having looked more closely at the Maxtor site apparantly it does not provide drivers for its hard drives.

Have you got the latest BIOS and drivers for your mother board click here ?

  woodt 11:28 17 Mar 2005

Also are you using XP SP2

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