external hard drives

  landy1673 16:25 15 Apr 2005

I really fancy an external hard drive and wondered if anyone could tell me what to look out for i only have a basic concept of what i can do with it so any info would be good also maybe recomend some products to look at.
Thanks. This site has been such a good help to me ;-)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:58 15 Apr 2005

You can store anything on an external that will go on an internal,about the only thing that may not work is trying to boot from one.

Alot of people use an external to

1. back up a complete copy of there master drive in case anything should go wrong.

2. keep all their photos on

3. keep all their music on allows to move between computers

  TomJerry 17:06 15 Apr 2005

go down to PC World, look they products and find one you fancy, not down the model number and go to web price comparsion site to find the best price click here

  landy1673 18:07 15 Apr 2005

So am i right in thinking that when you connect it to your laptop you cant just click on whatever you've stored and run it you have to transfer it over to your main hard drive? I would like to have all my music (theres a lot) videos and pictures and stuff i veiw now and again on it and use it like a juke box with my old less powerfull lappy. I also have a 1 gb usb pen flash thing that i was hoping to use as a portable do da when i'm out and using other computers. Thank you for the replies i would have tortured you folks sooner if i'd known you were there. x

  TomJerry 18:33 15 Apr 2005

you do not need to transfer back to internal, it behavour the same as internal HDD, only difference is the the drive letter may change, when you plug it in, sometime it appears as E:, sometime H: or K: depends on which drive letter is available

if you want to keep music files, it may be better to get a HDD based mp3 player such as IPod and clone, so it has two function, mp3 player one the move and also portable HDD for file backup

if you have money, get IPod Photo

if you want to go cheap

Novatech NPOD+ 20GB HD MP3 Player £128.01 click here

H&B AV-512LCD Portable Multimedia Player +40GB HDD MP3 MPEG-4 HDTV USB2.0 remote control £142.12 click here, click here

Mustek PVR-H140 M-PEG4 40GB Personal Media Center, MP3/WMA/ ASF, 3.6" LCD, USB2 £198.56 click here

  landy1673 18:42 15 Apr 2005

I'm having that Mustek thing, gizmo's are great.
Thankyou all

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