External Hard Drives

  Storik 10:44 02 Feb 2005

Is anyone using one of the following?

Maxtor OneTouch USB 120GB Hard Drive

Iomega Desktop USB 120GB Hard Drive

I would be most grateful for any information on the above. e.g. Reliability, ease of use etc. etc. They are to be used essentially for system backup - one for a laptop, the other for a desktop computer.


  stlucia 11:18 02 Feb 2005

I use a Maxtor 250Gb OneTouch external drive, connected via firewire (it comes with firewire and USB2 conections).

It's simple to use -- just looks like another fixed drive so far as XP and 98SE are concerned. It has its own power supply and on/off switch, so can be powered down when you're not using it. Installation was simple -- had to install drivers for 98SE, I think, but not for XP. Comes with its own backup software, but I just drag and drop using Explorer.

I haven't used it enough to speak about its reliability, but so far it's always there when I want it.

  freaky 11:36 02 Feb 2005

Have a Maxtor One Touch External Drive for almost a year now.

It is quiet, quick and reliable.

I use it in conjunction with Acronis True Image 8.0 to make back-up images of my PC's Hard Drive.

I am using USB 2 connection, and it is quick operation.

Initially I used Norton Ghost to do this, but replaced it with Acronis as I found it more user-friendly and faster.

Also Acronis supports all Windows OPS, whereas Ghost does not.

  SEASHANTY 14:20 02 Feb 2005

Acronis True Image v8.0 is available from Amazon UK
price £26-99 including free postage via Royal Mail.
Amazon sent me email yesterday saying item had been
posted and would probably arrive Feb. 3rd. It arrived this morning whilst I was out and the postman left me a note saying package was left behind wheelie-bin at rear. Glad it wasn't raining.

  Storik 15:15 02 Feb 2005

The Maxtor is for me, and comes with "Dantz Retrospect Express Backup" - is this any good? Notice that this program is also bundled with the WD drive of similar spec.

The Iomega Drive is a birthday present for my son - his laptop will need backing-up - he's lost (mislaid) all his driver disks etc. Bundled software with that is Norton Ghost V.3, and Iomega backup.

Thanks to you all for taking the time to reply, you input is very useful.


  bribar 14:24 05 Feb 2005

I have 2 spare 40 gig hard drives which I would like to use for back ups. I have been looking at external caddies but am a little confused, can any one help to sort out the problem for me. They are standard size HD's but the adverts all say differents things. I would like it to have USB 2 or/and firewire plus external power sorce, any idea's

  Catastrophe 14:48 05 Feb 2005


I have one such called "A clever storage" which takes standard HDD and connects vis USB2. Works fine.

  SEASHANTY 16:31 05 Feb 2005

Scan Computers have quite a selection of external hard drive enclosures
click here

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