External hard drive was "wiped," but it's weird...

  LovableContrarian 23:03 02 Feb 2016

I'll do the best I can to explain this.

I have a 2TB seagate external harddrive. It was showing no signs of problems, worked like a charm. Then, I plugged it into a Mac (usually use Windows) and started transferring a video file to the external.

Then, it started to freeze. Stopped transferring. Crashed.

I had no choice but to remove my external hard drive without ejecting, as everything was locked up.

Then, I plugged the external back into my PC. It showed up fine, but it shows as "E:/Local Drive" when before it was "E:/Seagate" or something to that effect. And, it's completely empty (2TB of free space). Before, I had about 800GB of data. And, the really weird thing is that it is showing up as a FAT32 drive, when it was NTFS before! It almost seems like the Mac purposefully formatted my drive, but that makes absolutely. no. sense.

Then, I ran Recuva (file recovery program) and it started finding all of my old files. Great, right!? Well, maybe. The issue is that it says it's going to take about 3 days to complete the scan, which is an issue as I have to take my laptop to work. And, I don't have another hard drive big enough to recover the files to. Yes, I can solve this by buying a new 2TB HD, and I will.

But, given how weird this situation is, and given that the files are still "there," I'm thinking something really weird happened, and maybe can be fixed without an arduous file-recovery? Is it a partition table or something? Is it possible that everything is there, but it's not being read properly (given that it is showing up as Fat32 rather than NTFS?)

To be honest, my knowledge of hard drives is minimal. But, I've never had anything like this happen. If running Recuva for 3 days is the solution, I'll do it. But I first wanted to check if you guys have any idea what happened here? Any suggestions?


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