External Hard Drive Stopped showing in 'My Computer' on pc

  kat64 22:15 31 Dec 2011

Hi, I bought a 2Tb Envisage External USB Hard drive in February 2011 and it has been working fine until this week. It has suddenly stopped appearing in 'My Computer' so that I cant access the Contents. I run Windows 7 but even so I tested for driver updates which are all OK. In Device Manager it only shows up under 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers' and it is shown as Working properly. I have tried installing on a Vista laptop but its the same problem. Can anyone please help. Kind Regards

  rdave13 22:49 31 Dec 2011

Go to Disk Management by right clicking Computer in the start-up list then select Manage then disk management. You should be able to work out which is the usb drive. Right click it and select 'change drive letter and paths....' I suggest you select a letter at the end, or near, of the alphabet.

  rdave13 22:52 31 Dec 2011

PS, never remove a USB peripheral without using the safely remove wizard if showing in the notification area.

  kat64 23:36 31 Dec 2011

rdave13. Thanks for answering to my problem. I have done what you suggested but when I right click on the USB drive concerned I don't see the option for changing the drive letter & Paths. All I get is: Update Driver Software,Disable, Uninstall,Scan for H/Ware changes, Properties. Can you suggest anything else.

  rdave13 00:00 01 Jan 2012

If you have important data on the drive we're on dangerous grounds here. So the first option I would suggest is to find an XP machine you could use and to connect the USB drive to that. See if XP has any problems, if not then backup all data if you can.

In properties, second option, select tools and select error checking, select the error checking tab and tick both boxes, select apply then when asked to dismount drive select no apply then accept to check the disk on reboot. Leave the usb drive connected.

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