External Hard Drive Recognised - No Folders Showing

  SebBux 17:11 26 Jul 2014


I'm using an old internal HD as a external hard drive. It's recognised in computer, but when i open it there is nothing showing.

You can see the space bar, which is nearly full showing data in red on there.

Can anyone advise how to open and access folders?


  Woolwell 17:30 26 Jul 2014

Your OS is?

  wee eddie 19:00 26 Jul 2014

Are the drives Formatted to Fat 32 or NFTS?

  SebBux 09:29 27 Jul 2014

Thanks for replies.

Woolwell Re: Your OS is?

Windows Vista 32

wee eddie Re: Are the drives Formatted to Fat 32 or NFTS?

To be totally honest with you, i had stuff already on the drive i needed to keep. When i hooked it up to my laptop it worked without formatting.


  rdave13 09:50 27 Jul 2014

Do you have access to another PC? If you do try connecting the drive and see if it works. If it does back-up all your documents if you can.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:01 27 Jul 2014

sounds like the file system could be corrupted

right click on the drive select properties - tools and run a disk check, it may well then become accessible.

  SebBux 21:05 27 Jul 2014

I hope the following gives a bit more help.

This is the setup i'm using

click here you can see the HDD is recognised in computer - LOcalDisk (F) The only thing wrong is the HDD is a 160GB. And it's showing 104 MB free of 349 MB when it should be 104 MB free a little under.160GB

click here we open the HDD LOcalDisk (F) in computer nothing at all showing.

click here go into Disk Management i have highlighted in black where HDD LocalDisk (F) is found

click here all for your time and help

Has Then We Thanks

  rdave13 21:21 27 Jul 2014

In disk management it shows F as a partition alongside E on the drive?

  lotvic 21:23 27 Jul 2014

F: and E: are partitions on the same harddrive Disk 1

Your data is on E: partition that is showing as file system RAW

Wait for others to advise on how to see the data on E: RAW

  rdave13 21:27 27 Jul 2014

Again in disk management if you right click the f partition do you get the option to 'explore'?

  lotvic 21:29 27 Jul 2014

Read this tutorial for information on 'harddrive showing as RAW' ClickHere

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