External hard drive is Raw !!!!

  Jamie-251407 15:46 11 May 2006

A friend who lives in Thailand has an EHD via Firewire to his laptop, the power pack has failed and he can't get a new one out there.
So he bought a new box and the shop put his HD into it for him, BUT when he plugs it into USB/Firewire XP says "Its RAW and should be Fat32 or NTFS do you want to Format"
Does anyone know what Raw is, the only Raw I have ever used is in my Digital pictures!

  ed-0 15:57 11 May 2006

It usually means that windows cannot understand the file format.

If your friend is trying to recover the data, try test disk click here

  Diemmess 16:03 11 May 2006

Look at click here it seems there is a discontinued connection with some older laptops.

If the problem were mine I would risk the offerred format procedure to go to known and trusted methods.

  Jamie-251407 16:05 11 May 2006

Thanks ed-0 will pass it on to him
Could or would this have anything to do with USB 1 or 2 ?

  Jamie-251407 16:10 11 May 2006

Diemmess, the laptop is only a few months old, and he would hate to lose his backup of all his travels in Thialand.

  ed-0 16:39 11 May 2006

it shouldn't.

It could be that the power supply gave up as it was writting the EHD and corupted the file allocation table of the drive.


It could be the files have been written in a format that windows can not understand.

test disk will give a good go for the first one and try and get the drive readable in windows.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:44 11 May 2006

It appears that his Ntfs table somehow got corrupted- this happens probably because he was writing to the drive when the power supply failed- there are two solutions to your problem

risky and invasive one - use program to replace the corrupted ntfs table (There usually is another additional copy of the partition table on your hdd). mom&pops computer shop kind of advice - DON'T DO IT! if you get it wrong, you may cause further corruption to the data.

- second solution - non invasive and safe (used by data recovery techs). Connect the bad guy to a working windows environment - use data recovery software with ability to pick up MFT's (addressess) of all the files regardless whether partition table is present or not.
"Get data back" for Ntfs will scan the entire hdd and then show you partitions upon which you can build the file structure & recover. Green for good , valid partition, orange for one with little corruption etc. - sometimes a whole bunch of choices that will affect number of recoverable files and data integrity ratio. It's not the best program out there.
I recommend R-studio - quicker, and more automatic with picking up the file structure. Of course always save recovered data onto different drive. Verify data integrity before you say HurraY! Once savd , verify all the data he may then feel free to do reformat the hdd.

click here ontrack
click here Easy Recovery
click here GetDataBack
click here
click here Restorer 2000
click here Restoration
click here Active undelete
click here PC inspector

  Jamie-251407 17:26 11 May 2006

Many thanks for your help have sent them on to Thailand and have invited my mate to register with this site and he can join the forum as he would be able to answer a lot of the questions faster than I can.


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