External Hard Drive Problems

  dogbreath1 20:54 23 Feb 2005

Still having problems. Reposting to consolidate situation to date. XP Home SP2. Installed 160GB Lacie ext. HDD. Plug and Play. Preformatted NTFS. Recognised in My Computer as Drive G. Used Acronis to create image of C Drive. Few days later pc won't recognise Lacie. Power is on (green light, disc spinning). USB connection in. Run Diskmgmt.msc device not listed. Not in My Computer. In Device Manager, USB Mass Storage Device recognised with 'yellow error' Code 10. Add Hardware Wizard detects USB Mass Storage Device and also displays 'yellow error'. click here for drive details. Any help most welcome.

  woodchip 21:04 23 Feb 2005

Remove the yellow in Device manager and restart computer then right click the drive partition Partitions\Properties\Tools\Check disk then restart computer to check

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:24 23 Feb 2005

Update the USB2 drivers for your motherboard.

  woodchip 21:26 23 Feb 2005

XP should load the correct drivers for External Drive without having to load other drivers. It did with mine

  dogbreath1 22:28 23 Feb 2005

Thanks woodchip and Fruit Bat / \0/ \ for your responses. The Lacie guide stated that XP would install the requisite drivers. So for the moment I won't pursue the update usb2 drivers option. In respect of woodchip's suggestion, your procedure was followed and on restart after deleting the yellow in Device Manager, the Lacie was instantly recognised and allocated the title 'Drive G'. After Check Disk, which didn't find any problems (using option 'Scan For And Attempt Recovery Of Any Bad Sectors'), the p.c. was restarted and instantly found Lacey Drive G. Previously, when the Lacie was not being recognised, the green 'read/write' light was permanently on presumably implying that the drive was not on standby. Immediately after recognition, the green light was extinguished. I do not know whether this is a permanent solution or a halfway house. Only time will tell. So far so good, woodchip, I'll no doubt find out on next boot whether the Lacie is going to stay at home! Thanks again to all who posted suggestions.

  TomJerry 03:01 24 Feb 2005

connect data cable first and then swich on the power. It always does the trick for me.

  dogbreath1 11:44 24 Feb 2005

Thanks TomJerry. I have been doing that. The usb cable is permanently attached to the usb port. I turn on the power to the ext. hdd before booting and only turn that power off after the p.c. has closed down. On booting today (after firing up well yesterday using woodchip's advice)the drive is again not recognised. This time there's no 'Yellow Error' in Device Manager and the green read/write light on the ext. hdd is permanently on.
One final look at Device Manager before posting and the Drive has now appeared!!! under Disks as CWD1600JB-00G VA0 USB Device, Location 0 (same as Drive C), 'The Device Is Working Properly'. Still no 'Yellow Error' anywhere in Device Manager, but ext. hdd still not showing in My Computer. When it has occasionally showed up in previous days, it has been displayed as Lacie 'G'. Any ideas guys?? Once it is recognised, it works well. The hard bit is to get it recognised automatically at boot up.

  TomJerry 13:52 24 Feb 2005

unplug all usb device

uninstall: control panel, system, hardware, device manager, uninstall everything with usb 2

install: find the files you downloaded, right click file with .inf extension and select install

  TomJerry 13:58 24 Feb 2005

swtich ext HDD on only after PC booted up (i.e. you are already on windows)

  dogbreath1 18:25 24 Feb 2005

Thanks TomJerry. I want to avoid drastic uninstall/reinstalls if I can. I tried switching on the ext hdd after booting my p.c. but no joy. Like many problems I suspect that the cure will be simple but I'll be beggared if I can see light at the end of the tunnel yet.

  dogbreath1 19:17 24 Feb 2005

Have managed (I use that term loosely!) to get Device Manager to 'see' the ext. HDD. It is described as C WD1600JB-00GVA0 USB Device. No 'Yellow Errors' in USB Controllers. Green Read/Write light permanently on. But HDD not seen in Computer Management nor in My Computer. The problem is not even consistent. The HDD is visible in Add New Hardware but attempts to install it result in 'Device is Working Properly'. Help!

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