External hard drive problem

  edenworkshops 03:36 21 Jun 2011


My external hard drive shows up in My Computer, but when I try to access the drive it appears to be empty, it works fine on my wifes pc.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


  Taff™ 05:55 21 Jun 2011

How is it reported in Disk Management? (Contol Panel, Administrative tools, Computer Management)

  edenworkshops 08:21 21 Jun 2011


Its not reported at all in disk management, no sign of it.


  Taff™ 09:01 21 Jun 2011

Strange! Lets try removing all USB devices. Go to Device Manager and uninstall everything under USB and reboot. On reboot it will reinstall all the drivers but wait until everything has settled down. Then plug the external device in. I want to know if the computer makes a sound or recognises the drive at all. If nothing try it in another USB slot and then try it with a different USB cable.

  edenworkshops 09:20 21 Jun 2011

Ok I did all that, apart from using a nnew usb cable which I dont have (it works ok on my wifes pc).

On rebooting I went back into device manager and one of the USB connections...USB Mass Storage Device...has a yellow exclamation mark beside it. On looking at the properties for this device, it says:

This device cannot start (code 10)


  Taff™ 09:31 21 Jun 2011

You do need to swap the USB lead but it`s more likely that the drive is suspect. (Do you have a spare printer cable that you could try - should be the same)

Last time I experienced this I transferred all the data off the external drive, reformatted it and then transferred everything back. Seemed to work OK after that for some reason. I suggest you also check the drive for errors.

  edenworkshops 09:35 21 Jun 2011

I note what you say, but when I plug the drive into my wifes pc it works perfectly.


  Taff™ 09:52 21 Jun 2011

Which is exactly what happened to me. The drive could be seen and used OK on an XP machine but not on my Vista or Windows 7 machines. Cant explain that Im afraid.

There is an outside chance that the USB port on your machine is not working correctly, either a physical problem or the drivers not recognising it correctly but unlikely if other devices can use it satisfactorily. You did try the drive in another USB port didn`t you?

  edenworkshops 11:09 21 Jun 2011

How odd?

yes I did try anotehr usb port, but no joy.

But something has been happening which might have something to do with it.

Every time for the last couple of days after I reboot, my avast anti virus tells me that I have a trojan, the arning said something about a physical drive? I do a boot scan and the affected file is deleted, but I still get the same warning after I reboot.

Its just happened again as I am writing this.

It says:

Rootkit found.

A suspicious hidden object (rootkit) has been detected on your system. It may be a sign of a malware infection. It is recommended to remove the object immediately.

The infect file is called: MBR://PHYSICAL DRIVER

I delete the file and I am asked to do a full boot scan, but as I said I do the boot scan and on rebooting I get the same warning.


I am now doing a full system scan with Super anti spyware, which is usualy pretty good

  robin_x 12:37 21 Jun 2011

I deliberately downloaded a recent FakeAV virus the other day to test various AVs. (I didn't run it, just saved it)

I was quite disturbed to find a very low detection rate by using a multi on-line scanner. Virustotal

<40% of a sample at first to <50% as of last night.

Malwarebytes didn't see it a week ago (according to someone else), but was updated 3 days ago so it does now.

Avira (my normal AV) only saw it last night.

Successful early detections were made by Panda on-line (can scan whole hard drive not just suspect file) and Kaspersky Rescue Boot CD (I am very impressed by that tool)

Panda ActiveScan

Kaspersky Boot CD

I would recommend yo do an MBAM scan as well as SAS. It is normally very good.

  edenworkshops 12:48 21 Jun 2011

I did a scan with my Avast anti virus. It pciked it up right away and I deleted the affected file. But on rebooting, the affected file is back again, justcan't seem to get rid of it.


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