External hard drive problem.

  Skinn 23:23 30 Jun 2007

The external hard drive is not showing up any longer. This has happened before for no apparent reason but this time I accidentally mixed up the USB hub, which the external HDD is connected to, and the broadband router power supply cables. The USB hub made a noise so I knew something was wrong. Could this have affected the external HDD? Is there any other way of getting the external HDD to show up? I've tried restarting and disconnecting / reconnecting the external HDD.

Just checked, The USB hub is 5v output and the router is 9v output.

  Graham. 23:47 30 Jun 2007

Connect the external drive directly to a USB port. You may have damaged the hub.

  tobyb121 00:02 01 Jul 2007

Hard drives work with magnets, so if the drive was on, and you caused a surge of power, you could have corrupted the data on the drive, if the drive was off it is unlikely that any damage was caused to the data on the drive. The fact that the hub was making a noise suggests there is somethong wrong with it, so do as Graham suggested and try plugging into a computer directly.

  Skinn 21:06 04 Jul 2007

It seems the external hard drive is 'dead' but it wasn't connected to the USB hub at the time so it wasn't the power surge that caused the problem. It's a Fujitsu drive and someone told me that it is possible to get it replaced under warranty through the Return Merchandise Authorization process. I can't find anything on their website about this but in any case am reluctant to send it off with personal data on it.

Is there any way to erase the contents?

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