External Hard Drive Problem...

  hhh123kid 12:41 24 Jan 2007

Hey guys, a while back i bought an 80GB external hard drive similar to this one..

click here

however it has stopped working. Everytime I plug it in it makes noises like a floppy and it doesnt come up in My Computer. My whole pc freezes until i plug it out and then everything returns to normal. I am fairly clueless when it comes to internal pc hardware and was wondering if it would be possible to open this hd up and move the contents inside my pc in order to save my 80GB of data? Theres some fairly important things on there that i would really like to salvage,

Any other suggestions would be welcome,

Thx a million in advance.

  recap 12:43 24 Jan 2007

Check your USB controller for any faults. The USB controller is located in Device Manager.

  ArrGee 12:45 24 Jan 2007

Go to the drive manufacturers site and try downloading the latest drivers for it.

I had exactly the same problem last week.

Also, have you checked to see if there are any hardware conflicts in 'device manager'?

  hhh123kid 12:59 24 Jan 2007

I have the correct drivers installed and device manager says everything is fine. After the hard drive "times out" so to speak, this error comes up...

click here

and after i plug it out it comes up in My Computer briefly and the autorun message comes up. I find this extremely odd.

  hhh123kid 13:23 24 Jan 2007

ok, looks like no one knows a way to fix it. is there any way to open it up and use the contents as an internal hd?

  Technotiger 13:31 24 Jan 2007

Hi, you say you bought it a while back - if that was less than a year, you should be able to get it replaced.

or ...

perhaps you could remove the drive from the case and add it as a Slave drive to your internal drive to recover the data that way.

or ...

click here

good luck ..

  muddypaws 13:33 24 Jan 2007

I have just had a similar problem that was sending me mad. No doubt there is an option in Windows to 'Add a new hard drive', but I used Acronis 10. On the opening page there is an option for 'Manage hard disks/ add a new disc'.
My external had vanished from ' my comp', but was showing up everywhere else as 'healthy'. I 'added a new hard drive' and the problem was cured. Might be of help to you. Incidentally Acronis 10 is on a 15 day free trial from their site. 101mbs, but surprisingly on my BB only took 15 mins.

  tullie 13:45 24 Jan 2007

hhh123kid,you waited what must have vbeen a minute to solve your problem,this isent 'live'chat.Just be patient

  hhh123kid 14:00 24 Jan 2007

Thanks to all the reples, I will give them all a go and report back how I get on. Thx again.

@tullie: A minute? I suggest you read the times of my posts properly before you make any accusations.

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