External Hard Drive Problem.

  Tranestation 20:37 23 Jul 2004

Running XP on an new HP system and have had Maxtor 5000DV external hard drive hooked up for all audio stuff with drive letter L.Suddenly system decides to change drive letter to M.Manage to change it back to L thru dskmgmt(thanks P.C. Advisor tips),but now when I try My Computer to access the drive,click on drive and My Computer will not respond.In Media Player all the Audio stuff appears(is that data in the P.C.'S memory somwhere?)but will not play.Have checked out the error code info but can get no joy.The media player settings for copying has gone back to C(the default setting)If I try to change this thru the options settins the drive is not recognised.Sometimes a error message appears and says the drive is not formatted.I dont want to reformat because if my stuff is still on there reformating will wipe it off.In dskmgmt the info tells me the drive's capacity is 154 (its a 160 drive)but there is no format there (it was FAT 32)I have uninstalled the drive and the Dantz Retrospective and reinstalled them,downloaded signed drivers from Maxtor but still no good.If i disconnect the drive everything works fine.If I hook the drive back up Windows takes about a minute and a half to boot(could it be booting from this drive?)and it seems to be in conflict with everything.The amber light on the drive(for those with maxtor drives)is on for most of the time.Disconnect and all seems well.WMP9 is working fine with anything copied to C so I think the Media Player is O.K. Does anyone recognise these symptoms.If so please post here with any suggestions where to start looking.Sorry post has been so long.Regards Steve.

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