External Hard Drive with other computers

  Phate 15:49 18 Jul 2008

Hi - I wonder if you can help me.

I currently have several external hard drives from various manufacturers and with different size drives.

I recently tried copying some of my data files from the hard drive onto a friend's pc; however, even though the drive was recognised and the data files could be seen on his computer, we could not access some of the files when we tried to open them. For example, some video clips could be opened and played fine, whereas others on the same drive came up with error messages such as "access denied" or "the file could not be read".

This problem appears to be common with the data on all my external hard drives, so I doubt the problem is specific to the external hard drive itself. All of the files on the external hard drives that could not be opened on his pc work fine on mine. I thought the problem might be specific to my friends pc, but when I tried a similar sort of test at my brothers house the problem was the same.

This has led me to believe that there might be a problem with the way certain files have been copied onto the hard drives, though tinkering with the sharing settings and other disk options on my computer has been too no avail. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give me.

The files were copied onto the hard drives using my alienware laptop, running windows XP pro,

Many thanks,

  Pamy 16:23 18 Jul 2008

I suspect you would have to have the same program on the other computers that you saved them with in order to open and read them. ie. a "Word" document would require "Word" etc. etc.

  Phate 09:34 21 Jul 2008

Hi - cheers for the input.

The hard drives have indeed been formatted with the NTFS file system - do I have to format with FAT32 to make the files accesible on other computers?

My main worry is that if the computer I have at the moment were to suddenly stop working, I would not have a working backup as some of the files on the hard drives are inaccessible?

Note that I have tried opening the files using the same programs on both computers - but the problem still persists so don't think this could be the cause.

How would I go abouts correcting this problem?

Many thanks for all the responses,

  Phate 11:30 21 Jul 2008

Just some more info -

Both the computers that I have been trying to access the hard drive files on (not including my own) run windows xp as well, which should mean the NTFS file system is supported on them?

If all the files work and open fine on my own computer, could it be that my OS is copying files on the external hard drive that are making it exclusive to my computer, thus preventing me accessing the files on another machine? However, if this is the case surely it would prevent all the files from working on other computers, and not just some of them?

I am thoroughly perplexed by this and any help anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated!

  woodchip 18:49 21 Jul 2008

Office files can be a problem as it thinks some one else as got your files. But jpegs and Video should not pose problems, unless you put them in some kind of vault on the drive

  woodchip 18:51 21 Jul 2008

NTFS and Fat32 is no Problem, As I can use My home built Ex USB drive on Any of my computers including Win98se

  woodchip 18:52 21 Jul 2008

Only thing is that Drivers have to be loaded for Ex Drive on 98se

  Phate 08:22 23 Jul 2008

So what's the deal with this SID thing then?

It is video files that are the main culprit here - how would one go abouts resolving this?

Cheers again everyone!

  woodchip 15:20 23 Jul 2008

No it Fat32

  woodchip 15:21 23 Jul 2008

Fat32 cannot see NTFS file system so if the External Drive is Formated as NTFS

Fat32 will not see the files or the drive partition

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