External hard drive not recognised HELP!!

  joostin 08:25 29 Jun 2007

Hi guys,Thanks again for your help on my previous thread regarding my Vaio Tower not working after the storms last week also my modem is broken so the problem must have been thro the phone line.Well the beast is back working after pc world fixed it BUT!! on re plugging my Seagate external hard drive it tells me in the tool bar that it doesnt recognise the USB device.The drive is full of life Green light fan working etc..what has happened??.I have checked thro the troubleshooting properties on route hub as told.
All my music is on here nightmare you trust in a external drive in case of the nightmare storm or program loss so is the data still on there? what do you recommend (other USB'S ARE OK BY THE WAY)
Please can you help.Cheers

  Newuser4165 08:45 29 Jun 2007

See if you can get a flash drive or other device such as a printer to work on the same USB port you're using for the Seagate.Try the Seagate on a different USB port - are there any USB expansion cards fitted to the pc? if so try using that instead .

  xania 08:56 29 Jun 2007

If that external HHD was connected to the PC when the strom struck, then it could still be damaged in the same storm. Its always wisest to power all your equipment through surge protection. Also, an external HDD is just as likely to fail as an internal HDD which is why you need all your important files backed up onto a second device.
In all likelihood the data is still on the drive, but if, as I suspect, the mechanics are blown you will need a specialised recovery service - and these are not cheap.

  joostin 11:51 29 Jun 2007

Thanks guys.Would the data to be able to be transfered to the hard drive with a new a new casing if i bought a new one?.
All usb ports ok as printer works but do i need a drive as its just plug and play no disc was with ext hard drive?

  xania 13:39 29 Jun 2007

If you cannot get the USB port to read the drive, then no - you cannot transfer the data.

  IntoPCs 13:44 29 Jun 2007

You could try taking the drive out of it's case/caddy and try it within the PC?

  joostin 16:48 29 Jun 2007

I have an ICY BOX so could i get the drive out of the seagate and put it into there? is an external drive the same dimensions/size as any other hard drive??.

  IntoPCs 14:00 30 Jun 2007

Yes - it's just a standard drive in a box (over simplified ;-))

  postie24 14:07 30 Jun 2007

Does any other usb device work?
If not try uninstaling them in device manager and rebooting.
Also make sure everthing is ok in the bios settings.

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