External hard drive - not connecting....

  DANZIG 12:43 07 Feb 2010

I use my laptop in my front room and have an external hard drive connected to it which has all my photos and videos etc etc.

Just got up this morning, and my laptop has suddenly decided not to see it.

The HD is switched on, vaguely humming like it usually does, light on the front is OK, laptop appears fine as well.

I've restarted, switched everything off and on again, tried different USB sockets.


  kidsis 12:51 07 Feb 2010

hi danzig, is the external drive seen in My Computer and Disk Management? Do you have another computer you can try it on.

  DANZIG 13:02 07 Feb 2010

Its not seen there, no.

Going to try it in my desktop upstairs in a bit.

  DANZIG 14:34 07 Feb 2010

Just tried it now. The PC still isn't seeing it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:50 07 Feb 2010

do you get the new hardware message or does windows recognise a USB device is plugged in?

This could be a a USB or hard drive problem depending on what exactly happens when you plug it in.

  DANZIG 15:51 07 Feb 2010

I get no message at all.

The HD sounds like its running as it normally does but its as if its not there according to the PC

  DANZIG 09:18 10 Feb 2010

Took it into my local independent PC repair chappy. Took them about half an hour to sort.

Its now in a new casing, which does look a lot sexier to tell the truth - but more importantly it works!

Apparently, the guy showed me this, theres a little motherboard at the front of it and that had gone kaput.

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