external hard drive help please!!!

  tomcat007 16:53 14 Sep 2009

I have a problem with my external hard drive.

I always plug it in with the usb when my pc is running and it always loads up as my j drive and i just open it up.
Earliar today though,i accidently plugged it into the usb before i started my pc up and just before it loaded up windows,loads of file came up across the screen,like it was disk scanning them.After a few minutes it stopped but when it loaded up windows when i click on my computor the operating system c drive comes up and it says 450 gb of 586gb,but wheres my 1 tb hard drive used to say about 680m gb of 990gb,it says nothing now,just the j drive with the external drive pic.when i try to click on this it just says j drive is not accesible,access is denied.

What have i done,i have got loads of music,pics and videos on this drive and i really hope i have not lost them for good.

Please can someone help

  tomcat007 16:54 14 Sep 2009

just to let you all know i am using vista

  Woolwell 16:55 14 Sep 2009

Have you unplugged your drive, taken the power off it and reconnected?

  tomcat007 17:08 14 Sep 2009

yeah,tried that mate

  Woolwell 17:17 14 Sep 2009

And a re-boot of the PC?

  tomcat007 17:27 14 Sep 2009

yes mate

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:46 14 Sep 2009

Do a system restore on vista back to before the problem started and retry.

Idea is to get rid of the drive information in the registry.

  bretsky 17:56 14 Sep 2009

Maybe click here this is for XP though, some thing to do with admin permissions.

bretsky ;0)

  tomcat007 18:14 14 Sep 2009

tries the system restore,no luck

  Woolwell 21:42 14 Sep 2009

Can you try it on another system?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:18 14 Sep 2009

Sounds like its screwed with the drives boot record then perhaps yo need something like drive rescue

Testdisc click here

Disk Investigator click here

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