external hard drive help..?

  austin_0_4 18:12 19 Jun 2012

Hi All, Heres my situation. I had an HP laptop from about 3 years ago. Nonetheless, I junked the machine and have since upgraded to a new HP laptop. Before tossing my old laptop, I pulled out the internal hard drive. Now, I am trying to access it as an external drive.

When I plug it in I get a System K, HP TOOLS J, and RECOVERY L Drive options, and a window that says "You must format this drive..."

Is there any way I can bust this and just browse the folders on the old drive?? There were a few things on there that I wanted to keep. I would have backed it up before junking it but this has always worked for me in the past!

Any help would be greatly appreciated! THANKS

  Nontek 18:19 19 Jun 2012

Put it into an external drive USB Enclosure, you should then be able to access it in the normal way.

  austin_0_4 18:22 19 Jun 2012

i have it set up in an external closure already.

  Nontek 18:27 19 Jun 2012

Try it on a different PC.

  Batch 19:00 19 Jun 2012

It sounds like the disk has 3 partitions:

System (which would have been your original C drive)

HP Tools: This may or may not have been visible to you on the original PC. It may be a hidden partition.

Recovery: This would have been a hidden partition.

I assume the files you want to access are in System (which is getting mounted as drive K now).

The "You must format this drive..." is possibly related to the 2nd and / or 3rd partitions (particularly the 3rd)

Can you just ignore the "You must format this drive..." message and open up Windows Explorer to access drive K to get what you want off of it?

  Batch 14:12 20 Jun 2012

If you still haven't managed to sort this out, with the external caddy attached, you could try going to Administrative Tools, Computer Management and then selecting Disk Management )all

Then right click, say, drive L and select Change Driver Letter and Paths and then click on Remove. That should dismount just that drive partition. You could also do the same with drive J if there is nothing on it that you want. That should just leave you with drive K (off the external caddy) and using Windows Explorer you should be able access whatever you want from this (although you may need to give yourself access rights).

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