external hard drive help!!

  charmingman 13:17 15 Aug 2008

Does anyone know if i was to buy a External Hard drive can you pick which songs to play & not to play or is it a case of plug & play & u have no control over which songs it plays or in which order..? Help PLEASE

  [email protected] 13:27 15 Aug 2008

Index your media player wmp,itunes or whatever to include the external drives location and media player/ext drive will function just the same as if stored on your main pcs drive.

  johndrew 13:32 15 Aug 2008

An external hard drive is the same as an internal one in the way you manage and use data on it. Depending on the drive and which level of USB port you have, the data transfer may be a bit slower but that is about the only difference you may notice.

In the same way you manage your music on your internal drive(s) you can do exactly the same with the external drive. You may have to tell WMP or whatever you use where to look.

  charmingman 14:23 15 Aug 2008

"Raven & JohnDrew" thanks for ALL of your time!!
If i could pick your brains one more time please, so i want to play the music via my hifi can it be done..? as in can i plug it in my hifi..? if so THEN is it a case of plug & play there is no way of selecting what u want to listen to..???
Many thanks

  Quiet Life 18:47 15 Aug 2008

You would need a hard drive media player like click here
pretty pricey UK but works well and plenty of conectivity

  johndrew 20:04 15 Aug 2008

The other way to play your music via your hi-fi would be to burn the various selections to CD. With a multi-changer this could give you hours of music. be cheaper than a hd media player but perhaps less convenient as well.

  charmingman 10:24 16 Aug 2008

!Quiet Life & johndrew" Thankyou SO much for your time you answered my question!!!

  DeanCunni86 19:46 27 Aug 2008

I bought a external hard drive media player (Hyundai HDR-350Q HD Player)a few weeks ago, so i could download movies and play on my HD TV.It was working fine untill the other day, now it will not connect to my p.c via usb,when i plug my usb lead in the power light on my harddrive goes from blue to purple and my p.c does not detect the hard drive.could any one please help.i've try d my harddrive on a other p.c .would it be down to the HDD or the media player? Thanx

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