Jakie200370 21:23 20 Jan 2007

Hi there, I've just bought a Freecom 160GB external hard drive to use as my laptop has run out of space. I've transferred some program files over to the new drive but the space hasn't become free on my c drive. Can I delete them since they are now stored in my e drive? A bit lost! Thanks for your help

  rezeeg 21:43 20 Jan 2007

Jakie200370 if you've just copied them over (ie like a backup), then no.

If you've saved the files to (say) drive E: then when you open your program it will know where to look; and the C: files can be deleted.

Hope this helps.

  Jakie200370 21:47 20 Jan 2007

Hi rezeeg
Thanks for that.

  wee eddie 22:09 20 Jan 2007

If you mean Programs. They will not work the way you have done it

  woodchip 22:10 20 Jan 2007

You cannot copy Programs, but you can load them on the drive if it's switched on when you want to use them. You also have to remove the Programs you don't need from Control Panel\Add Remove

To load them on the External Drive choose Custom Install when you run the Setup of the Program. Choose the External drive to load them to

  Jakie200370 22:38 20 Jan 2007

Thanks. So, just to get this right in my head, I can copy applications across to the external drive and then in control panel/Add Remove I can remove them and they will still be stored in the external drive? can I default all applications to save in the external drive?

  wee eddie 23:53 20 Jan 2007

You can load a Program from it's CD onto the External Drive and run it from there but it is a fairly high risk strategy, 'cos if anything goes wrong with your USB connection, It's pulled out - whatever, you end up with a corrupt file and a program which will not run.

Better to keep your Files and Folders on the External Drive and clear them off the C Drive.

You still need to keep a Spare copy (a Back-up).

  woodchip 17:16 21 Jan 2007

No you have to load Applications or Programs to the Hard Drive by doing a Custom Install. You should first remove the Program from Add Remove. But only if you have the Program Discs to reload onto the External drive

  Diemmess 18:34 21 Jan 2007

If you COPY data only it will be findable (assuming the external HD is running).

But to clear space you have to DELETE the files on the original source (after you are sure you can find it in its new home).

  Jakie200370 22:59 23 Jan 2007

Thanks for your advice. I've successfully (?) stored new applications on the new hard drive - but unfortunately I saved some of them to the secure and compress file (one of the files was microsoft office - which has turned word into a .pms file which I cannot open). Can I uncompress and unsecure them so they return to normal or are they lost forever!! If so, can you tell me how to do it. Sorry to be so thick!!



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