External Hard Drive Doesn't Always Show Up in Windows Explorer

  RegScriv 21:51 17 Nov 2014

On occasions, my external hard drive will not appear in Windows Explorer when I switch it on. Switching it off then on again doesn't work. Unplugging and reconnecting the USB lead sometimes works but more often doesn't. The only sure way I've found on getting it to appear in Window Explorer is to leave it switched on and to re-start my PC.

Does anyone know how to jolt it into appearing in Windows Explorer without having to re-start my PC.

(The external hd is a WD MyBook 3Tb USB3 unit & my USB sockets are USB3. I'm running Windows 8.1)

  sunnystaines 23:03 17 Nov 2014

had this problem too ages ago gave up in the end. hope a good answer comes in.

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