external hard drive connection

  gibfish26 14:33 17 Jul 2008

i have just set up a new external HDD,using USB cable,my pc did not have a eSATA connection so to get faster transfer of data i have fitted a eSATA serial ATA PCI Bracket backplate with internal SATA cable to external eSATA,the problem i have is my new HDD is not showing in disc management using the eSATA connection,but if i unplug this and connect with the USB cable it shows,any one any idea what the problem is.forgot to mention my caddy has both USB and eSATA connections.thanks.


  howard64 14:44 17 Jul 2008

with it connected have you tried to then use explorer and click on my computer to force it to recheck everything?

  woodchip 14:44 17 Jul 2008

Probably needs Sata Drivers loading for the caddy

  gibfish26 15:13 17 Jul 2008

hi howard64.
yes tried that a couple of times,still no show.thanks

  gazzaho 15:26 17 Jul 2008

Is your BIOS set to detect the SATA drive? I would check and see if it is set to auto. I'm just guessing but it's worth a try.

  Pamy 15:47 17 Jul 2008

HELLO gibfish26, Is this realy such a problem? I know you have now gone out and bought a PCI eSATA card, but it works OK on USB, the speed transference is not great, so why not just use it for what you bought it for?

  gibfish26 15:58 17 Jul 2008

its detecting it when using USB cable,would it be different using eSATA cable,i am very nervous when it comes to BIOS.thanks

  gibfish26 16:02 17 Jul 2008

hello again pamy.
i know what you are saying,it's just that i thought the caddy's got eSATA so why not use it,the general oppinion seems to be that it's faster than USB,thanks again.

  gazzaho 16:17 17 Jul 2008

Look in the BIOS for anything relating to SATA and see if it is set to auto or if there are SATA configuration settings. My BIOS has a SATA configuration page with, for instance:

SATA Configuration (Enhanced)
Configure SATA as (IDE)
SATA Detect Timeout (SEC) (35)

Look for something similar in your BIOS. There should be a SATA option listed where your hard drives are listed set this to (Auto).

you can navigate through the BIOS with the cursor keys and don't worry you can't change any settings unless you select save and exit so you can look through the various pages and as long as you don't select save and exit nothing will change. have a look through your motherboard manual for various settings or if you can't find it download a copy from your motherboard manufacturers web site. I read my mobo manual before I even got my new computer.

  gibfish26 16:49 18 Jul 2008

hi gazzaho.
looked in BIOS but cant find SATA configuration settings,on the page where you set the date and time it's got the sata drives listed as follows.
SATA O auto detect on
" 1 letters and numbers
" 2 SATA port not present
" 3 " " " "
" 4 letters and numbers
" 5 none
am i in the wrong place.thanks.

  woodchip 19:12 18 Jul 2008

check the other tabs using arrow key and enter key to open, escape closes the page

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