External hard drive conked out- please help me!

  thedogisdead3 18:56 25 Oct 2006

Hi! My 80g Freecom hard drive is what I've stored literally EVERYTHING on for the past three years... yesterday it just disapeared from 'My Computer'.

I'm guessing this is a power problem... when the transformer is connected to the hard drive, a light will intermitantly flash on both the transformer and the hard drive.

The fans usually whir and a blue light flashes from the front, but now it is dead apart from the tower power lights blinking away.

Any suggestions?

And if my hard drive is screwed... is it difficult to get the data recovered?

Thank you.


  johndrew 19:02 25 Oct 2006

Can you hear the drive running at all?

I presume it is a PATA drive, so why not `install` it into the PC and try to run it from there? If all is well you can always buy a new enclosure.

If not then it is probably a job for the experts.

  thedogisdead3 19:08 25 Oct 2006

No, no sound at all apart from a faint buzz that buzzes intermitantly with the flashing lights!

What do you mean by PATA please?

It's one of those out of the box USB hard drives... not one I've bought an enclosure for.

  jimv7 19:15 25 Oct 2006

If you remove the drive from its case, and connect to your computer in place of the dvd/cd player it might work and you can transfer to your 'C' drive.

  Technotiger 19:17 25 Oct 2006

Hi, have you tried it in a different usb port?
Close down pc, then connect to different port, then restart pc.


  Terry Brown 19:17 25 Oct 2006

If it is a Power problem , it is possiblly the PSU (Power Supply Unit).Have you a friend (with a computer) who will let you connect it for testing.

I know it's been said many times before, but always backup to CD /DVD and/or an external drive, because a hard drive will always fail, sooner or later.

  VoG II 19:18 25 Oct 2006

If it is one of these click here I think you'll have to return it to Freecom.

  thedogisdead3 19:21 25 Oct 2006

Nope, it's just a black box, Freecom Classic! Tried it on my friends computer and no joy there... not even the two tone usb recogition sound which it made on my PC before.

Frustrating... I use the hard drive to back up the PC because it always needs wiping clean.



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:22 25 Oct 2006

when the transformer is connected to the hard drive, a light will intermitantly flash on both the transformer and the hard drive.

sounds like something inside the case is dropping the voltage and overloading the transformer.
If your lucky ts the fan.

Is there any way to get the case apart (with the transformer unplugged of course)?

Its is probably a standard IDE (PATA parallel ata) drive which you could remove from the case and then connect internal to your PC or with a Caddy.

  thedogisdead3 19:32 25 Oct 2006

It is one of these mofos:

[img]click here[/img]

I'm sure the case could be prised apart, but I'll leave that to someone who knows what theyre doing!

As long as it can be transfered into another case, i'm happy... don't like to think of my prized reggae collection being sent into oblivion never to return!!!


  Technotiger 19:38 25 Oct 2006

If you have a local computer dealer I would take it to them - they will probably be abled to recover all your data to another drive. I know my own local shop would be able to do so.


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