Is a external hard drive better for storing photos

  premier man 18:28 02 Dec 2006

At the moment I backup all my photos to CD/DVD,
but I have been given to understand that after a while they deteriate,
So I was thinking of buying an external hard drive to store them in.!!
have anyone got any thoughts on this ??
if so which is a good cheap HD to buy??

  SANTOS7 18:32 02 Dec 2006

click here
I,d save ya money...

  sean-278262 18:32 02 Dec 2006

click here do a nice seagate 320gb drive that I use for backups. £80.

However CDs and DVDs can last for about 10 years. A hard drive can last for about the same amound of time with low use. In truth you should probably use the hard drive as a weekly backup and do a monthly CD/DVD backup.

  premier man 18:43 02 Dec 2006

Creature of the Nite

Thanks guys for your quick response,
I shall take your advice and stick with CD/DVD
save my money
cheers gordie

  Simsy 20:32 02 Dec 2006

and I know I'm not alone... that several CDRs I burnt were unreadable after about 4 years.

So long as you check them regularly, and perhaps copy them every 3 or 4 years, you should be OK.



  MIke 20:58 02 Dec 2006

I've found some discs unreadable just a few months after burning them, and that was using good quality brands such as Sony and verbatim.

I now write to a disc in one go and close it . I do not write multisession discs as I found multisession discs could be problematical. I've been using Taiyo Yuden media for some time now, and find them the most reliable disc I've used.

Having said all that I also use an external hard drive, and back up really important photos online @ my btYahoo photo storage area and BT digital Vault, just to be sure!

  Totally-braindead 22:44 02 Dec 2006

What I tell my friends who have digital cameras to do is make 2 copies. If you burn them as mutisession disks you can keep adding till they are full. Then every couple of months just check both CDS are ok, if one isn't then immediatly make another copy. Keep the CDs out of direct sunlight in a proper case which protects it from light and if you do this you shouldn't lose anything.
Backing up onto a hard drive is fine but like anything else they can break so I have both. Pictures on an external drive and 2 CDs.

Can't take credit for the CD advice it came from one of the magazines.

  premier man 10:25 03 Dec 2006

Cheers Guys
I will follow your advice,make two copies and maybe get an external HD as well,
If I backup to HD and unplug from PC each time will that help preserve them

  Totally-braindead 10:30 03 Dec 2006

Yes it probably would, there was someone a few weeks ago whose external hard drive failed and it was because he always had it connected up to the PC and running when the computer was on. He said he never really thought about it but thought that leaving it running all the time when he wasn't actually needing it was probably a mistake.
Perhaps others may have a different opinion but I only connect up mine when I wish to use it.

  premier man 10:36 03 Dec 2006

Thanks for your response,
that seems a good idea

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